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Providing you with effective flooring solutions that enhance the design, appearance and safety of your commercial premise throughout New Zealand, Australia and beyond is our passion.

Advance Flooring is a family business, first established in 1976. All our flooring products are of the highest standard of quality and manufacture, having been individually reviewed prior to inclusion in our range. With a commitment to act responsibly in all that we do, our solutions offer the lowest negative impact to the environment whilst enhancing the look and functionality of your business. Our product applications range from corporate, education and government, to hospitality, retail, residential and more.

Advance Flooring has a range of leading-edge commercial flooring products sourced from the best suppliers around the world grouped under their Floorculture brand. These products include carpet tiles, recycled rubbers, sheet rubber flooring, studded rubber tiles and woven vinyl. The range of carpet tiles manufactured from Dupont Sorona fibre is effectively revolutionising the carpet tile industry by combining sustainability and performance benefits like never before.

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Latest News - July 2014

The Globe Theatre is a dominant feature for motorists coming from the south into Palmerston North. It gets its name from the unique circular design of the building, the inspiration of which came from Shakespeare’s original famous open air circular theatre in London.

In 2014 major redevelopments have seen a 100-seat Auditorium built to complement the existing Theatre and a number of other spaces created.

Today, the Globe Theatre is a well-used community theatre fulfilling its original purpose to cater for a variety of local and touring arts and cultural events such as drama, comedy, musical theatre, dance and musical recitals, public artistic competitions, conferences and seminars.

Protecting and enhancing this redevelopment is an Advance Shuttle Entrance Mat, well suited to this style of entry where traffic enters from one directions and turns and exits in another direction.

The Shuttle Entrance Matting System is a premium quality aluminium and carpet mat in a grid formation designed to match floor tile modules. This stylish mat has a patented modular design that traps dirt both in and around the highly water absorbent polyamide infills and heavy rolling loads are accommodated with ease.

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Shuttle Entrance Mat – The Globe Theatre Palmerston North
Shuttle Entrance Mat – The Globe Theatre Palmerston North

The Globe Theatre Shuttle Entrance Mat
The Globe Theatre Shuttle Entrance Matting System